Computer Science

Minor in Computer Science: Digital Art

Advisers: Joseph O'Rourke, Eitan Mendelowitz.

The goal of this minor is to accommodate the increasing number of students who desire both grounding in studio art and the technical expertise to express their art through digital media requiring mastery of the underlying principles of computer science.


This minor consists of the equivalent of six 4-credit courses, equally balanced between Computer Science and Art. 

Three Computer Science courses are required.  The CSC 102+105 sequence on the Internet and Web design provide the essentials of employing the Internet and the Web for artistic purposes; CSC 111 Computer Science I includes a more systematic introduction to computer science, and the basics of programming; and CSC 240 Computer Graphics gives an introduction to the principles and potential of graphics, 3D modeling, and animation.  (Students with the equivalent of CSC 111 in high school would be required to substitute CSC 212 instead.) 

Three Art courses are required.  ARH 101 will provide the grounding necessary to judge art within the context of visual studies.  ARS 162 Introduction to Digital Media introduces the student to design via the medium of computers, and either ARS 263 Intermediate Digital Media or ARS 361 Digital Multimedia provides more advanced experience with digital art.

# Dept Number Title Credits Prerequisites
1 CSC 102 How the Internet Works 2 <none>
CSC 105 Interactive Web Documents 2 CSC 102
2 CSC 111 Computer Science I 4 <none>
CSC 212 Programming w Data Structures 4 CSC 111
3 CSC 240 Computer Graphics 4 CSC 102, CSC 111
4 ARH 101 Approaches to Visual Representation 4 <none>
5 ARS 162 Introduction to Digital Media 4 <none>
6 ARS 263 Intermediate Digital Media 4 ARS 162
ARS 361 Interactive Digital Multimedia 4 ARS 162


Subject to approval of the department, substitution for one or more of the required courses may be permitted by various relevant Five-College courses, including those in the partial list below.

School Number Title
Smith IDP 130 Intro to Media Arts and Technology
Smith DAN 377 Expressive Technology and Movement
Hampshire CS 0174 Computer Animation I
Hampshire CS 0334 Computer Animation II
UMass ART 397F Digital Imaging: Offset Litho
UMass ART 397F Digital Imaging: Photo Etchg
UMass ART 397L Digital Imaging: Offset Litho
UMass ART 697F Digital Imaging: Photo Etchg
UMass EDUC 591A 3D Animation and Digital Editing
UMass CMPSCI 397C Interactive Multimedia Production